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Marino: Premier League set to abandon season

Udinese's sporting director says the Premier League will release a statement confirming an end to the 2019/20 season.

The Premier League announced last Friday that there was no prospect of professional football returning by the start of May.

A decision on when the game could safely come back amid the coronavirus pandemic is under constant review.

Premier League clubs were reported to have told players in a conference call on Saturday that the cost of being unable to resume the season at all would be more than £1billion.

It is estimated that of that £1billion, £762million of it would be lost TV revenue, as rights holders either claw back money paid or withhold payments not yet made.

And Pierpaolo Marino has made claims that the Premier League are set to follow the Belgium top-flight and announce they are cancelling the current season.

"The Belgian Federation has already sanctioned the end of their league, despite the threats of sanctions from UEFA," Marino told Sportitalia.

"In England, the Premier League is about to release a similar statement, because the situation there is becoming very, very serious. I frankly just hope we can enjoy football again after the coronavirus.

"It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we need to get out of this danger zone. I am worried for the next seasons, not the old one."