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Da Gama: Highlands keeping coaching 'fresh'

Owen da Gama says despite being confined their homes, the Highlands Park players are maintaining their fitness with a detailed and intense training programmes.

With all sporting activities suspended as a result of the coronavirus, clubs have had to find ways to keep their teams fit for when the season resumes.

While keeping players motivated is also another factor for clubs to consider, Da Gama explained that the Highlands' players' programmes were designed to take in every player's living conditions, with testing and communication to be more personalised.

He told Times Live: "The players are given a programme every evening to keep it fresh‚ and Simone (physios Simone Conley) selects five players at random who must film what they are doing and upload it to our Highlands Park Lockdown WhatsApp group.

"The players then rate the session out of 10 for intensity and difficulty‚ so we are all in daily contact with the players and doing our best to keep that human contact and interaction going. I count on it and try to create some motivation.

"That is very important‚ because isolation can be difficult mentally. There is no doubt the players miss the team dynamics‚ being able to laugh and joke at training together."