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Buckley holding thumbs for Benni

Delron Buckley has wished Benni McCarthy well in his search for a new job in Europe.

The 42-year-old former Bafana international enjoyed a successful career on the continent, playing largely in Germany.

He knows all too well the challenges and difficulties that McCarthy will face, saying the former Cape Town City boss will find it tough in a much more ruthless environment than South Africa.

After a positive start to his City career, McCarthy left Cape Town at the beginning of season, and has since relocated to Scotland, where he earned his coaching badges.

He is also no stranger to European competition though having toured Spain, Portugal and England in a thrilling career.

Buckley told KickOff: "Look, what I know is he is back in Scotland. I think he has applied for a couple of jobs there and it would be nice for one of our guys to get involved there, but European football and here is totally different.

"The intensity and the way they tolerate you, if you get into a big team and you don't perform you are out. They don't wait for you to adapt for six games, so good luck to Benni in Scotland.

"He's got experience, he's a very likeable guy to his players because he always shadows his players even if they don't do well. He always gives them the benefit of the doubt.

"I wish him good luck but the European leagues are very different hey. You can see [Jose] Mourinho is having it hard, and that's Benni's idol. So if Jose is finding it hard, it would be harder for him. But you never know."