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Etafia has no plans to retire

Greg Etafia still harbours hopes of playing again despite the prospect growing increasingly unlikely with every day.

The 37-year-old Nigerian goalkeeper has been on the bench for Highlands Park this season but was yet to feature ahead of the enforced break as a result of the coronavirus.

Etafia says he has no plans on retiring while he may even consider playing on longer as a result of the recent inactivity.

He told the Sowetan: "I am still feeling very strong.

"I was not planning to retire at the end of the season. But this season could just be a lost season, meaning some of us would want to make up for the lost time by extending our playing days beyond what we'd imagined."

He added: "But it all depends on this Covid-19 situation, you'll never really know what will happen.

"But I have that idea in my mind that I want to play as long as my body allows me."