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Highlands Park to return to training

Highlands Park are looking to return to training next week, after a stifling five weeks of inactivity as a result of the coronavirus.

Along with the rest of the South African football fraternity, the Lions of the North have been waiting patiently for the go-ahead to get back to work.

With President Cyril Ramaphosa announcing a lessening of lockdown restrictions from Friday May 1st 2020, allowing sports teams to train, Highlands could be the first PSL club back to training, on May 5.

Club Director Sinky Mnisi explained that the players will train in two shifts of 20 players each per day.

Mnisi told Sun Sport: "Sponsors were complaining that they are paying us while the players are sitting at home doing nothing.

"We've discussed our decision with all the sponsors that we are going back to training.

"The technical team and the players have been informed of our decision.

"We will report back for camp on May 5. The technical team will work with a group of 20 players in the morning and another group of 20 players in the afternoon.

"We will adhere to all the safety measures and provide sanitisers for everyone on duty. We want to get the ball rolling again and the President’s announcement came as a relief for us."