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Comitis: City working hard to keep paying players

John Comitis has revealed that Cape Town City will continue to pay player salaries for as long as they can while football remains suspended in South Africa.

Clubs all over the world are starting to feel the pinch of inactivity as a result of the coronavirus.

With no income coming in, discussions are ongoing as how best to curtail losses, with some clubs cutting salaries to players and non-playing staff.

But Comitis told KickOff that City are doing what ever they can to find a way to pay their employees.

He said: "I think if you look all over the world this is not something that is different, we are in business like any other business.

"We are looking at our financial situation. I can confirm that every player, every single staff member got paid 100 percent of their salaries in April and that's despite the fact that nobody worked.

"So we are trying to do the best we can, and if there has to be certain constraints for us to survive as a business we will consider that. At this stage no finality has been done or made on that.

"We paid the full month of April, and we are trying to continuously do that if it's possible. We are no different to any other business where there are even layoffs, there have been retrenchments.

"We are trying to keep everybody on board so I think we should be commended on that. We paid everybody 100 percent in April."