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Matthews: There's hope for us to complete the season

SuperSport CEO Stanley Matthews remains hopeful the 2019/20 Premier Soccer League season will be able to resume, following a task team meeting on Thursday.

Investigations into the possible the return of football, to be played behind closed doors, have been ongoing, as South Africa battles to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking in an online press conference with the South African Football Journalists Association, Matthews explained that a number of factors need to be resolved before the PSL could safely return.

He was reported by Times Live as saying: "To be fair‚ obviously I'm not a spokesman for the PSL and it’s not for me to divulge what happens in PSL exco meetings.

"But just to try and shed a bit of light on the matter‚ we did meet and we did have extensive discussions. The PSL will disclose the ultimate findings there.

"The health and regulatory task team committees did meet and we did also have briefings from various other stakeholders.

"From our club perspective the salient points that would come out of that process haven't really changed‚ which is the fact that as a club we still see that there's a hope and prospect for us to complete the season. And that we have the scope mandated by FIFA to extend the season.

"And that gives us the valuable commodity of time. And obviously time isn't indefinite and can't carry on forever. But we certainly see prospects that‚ if the situation allowed – from a governmental and ministry of health and sport perspective – and if we can comply with regulations‚ then we are positive that we can see out the balance of the season."