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Motaung: Inspiration and courage can fight oppression

Kaizer Chiefs Chairman Kaizer Motaung has lauded the future generations of South Africa's as the country celebrates Youth Day to commemorate the Soweto Uprising.

The whole of June is Youth Month, with Amakhosi using this opportunity to remind all the club's supporters of the importance of remembering our recent history.

Motaung said in his club statement: "The Soweto uprising is one day where we get reminded of where we come from as a nation.

"We must use this occasion to gain inspiration and courage to fight against all forms of oppression. The class of 1976 was resolute and demanded change, and that change came at a huge cost, loss of lives.

"We do not want to go back to using the same methods to fight the system. Let us organise, mobilise and campaign against laws that seek to condone oppression. The use of voting for the leaders that will change the world is one form of bringing reform."

He added: "I want to take this opportunity to salute the young people. I am intrigued by their energy and will to change the world. I observe around the world the young people are leading the protests and making their voices heard. This is the spirit that we must support as part of the resolution to bring change."

Motaung also paid tribute to the men and women protesting the Black Lives Matter movement all over the world.

"I wish to thank our players and officials who have expressed their displeasure through their social media posts. I am also encouraged to see football clubs around the world showing their support in the 'Black Lives Matter' campaign. This is not the struggle of the American people it is a Global matter that calls on all of us for action."