Zinnbauer utilises external coaches to prepare Pirates

Orlando Pirates head coach Josef Zinnbauer says he has made use of external coaches to help his players get ready for when they return to the pitch.

Zinnbauer has explained that the Buccaneers have been relying heavily on online technology to help with training during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"We rely a lot on online technology to carry out our daily sessions with the players. Our programme is focused on the following key components," the German tactician told the Pirates media team.

"Conditioning training and running programmes, ball-mastery sessions, team playing unit and [we have had] individual meetings to discuss the tactical elements of our game model."

Zinnbauer also revealed that the social aspect of the team has been addressed through cooking and board games.

"We have been cooking together, playing board games and we do what we can to keep our team socially connected," he said.

In terms of training, Pirates have utilised coaches from outside the club to help the players through the challenges of staying fit at home.

"We have also been working with different external coaches to assist the team in preparation for our return to the field," added Zinnbauer.

"The players are working hard and we're looking forward to being back on the field soon."