Sukazi: Highlands purchase is done, it cost me R60m

TS Galaxy owner Tim Sukazi says it's time to celebrate because the purchase of Highlands Park's PSL status is virtually done.

Reports on Monday suggested the deal could be in danger of failing, but Sukazi has assured that the Lions of the North's sale is done and only needs to be ratified by the PSL executive committee.

"This is a big achievement for me and the millions of SA Football fans who want something different in our local football, those who want fresh and new ideas," Sukazi told SA FM.

"The deal is done, it's signed and sealed. I know there was a tweet yesterday that the deal is off. But some people are sensational and like to create confusion and stories without checking the facts. The PSL letter is clear, they will approve the deal. We can start celebrating."

He added: "It's not true that there is a consortium behind this deal. The going rate of a PSL status is around R60m and to say I needed some assistance is disrespect.

"The Galaxy status has now been sold to Lunga Ncwana who previously sold me Cape Town All Stars. It's going back to Cape Town."