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Tignyemb: Please release me from your heart

Former Bloemfontein Celtic goalkeeper Patrick Tignyemb has released an emotional message to Siwelele fans explaining his decision to sign for Chippa United.

Tignyemb had been with Celtic since 2008 where he had made his name for his top performances in goal as well as his passionate leadership ability.

However, he was dismissed towards the end of 2018/19 when it emerged he had become a leader in organising protests at the club over unpaid monies and bonuses.

There was talk he may return to Celtic for 2019/20 but it has since become clear he has signed for the Chilli Boys.

In an emotional Facebook message, he said: "I'm Patrick Tignyemb and I decided to make this video to try talk to you and explain what's happening, because I am a part of you, I am a part of the Celtic family, I am a part of the supporters.

"Maybe other people know about it, but I think it's my duty as a member of you supporters to tell you the truth. I'm not going to be part of Celtic next season. I signed for Chippa United and I want you to hear it from me, because when one one member of your family decides to go somewhere else, the family member must know about it. That's why I did this video to tell you Celtic supporters the truth.

"I want you guys to please release me from your heart, to let me go with your blessing to do my job properly with your blessing, your support, your love.

"I belong to Bloemfontein, I'm from Bloemfontein but just allow me to go and do my job properly. I want to go with your blessings. I really thank you for everything for all these years, support through good and bad times, especially bad times. I want to thank you for everything you did for me and my family in Bloemfontein. I want to go knowing that all of you are behind me."

The Cameroonian won one trophy during his career at Celtic which was the Telkom Knockout in 2012.