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Thidiela reveals reason for Kerr resignation

Black Leopards chairman David Thidiela has broken his silence on the departure of former coach Dylan Kerr and the reason for his resignation.

Kerr, who only joined in December, was given the task of preventing relegation, which he duly managed to do. However, the Englishman abruptly handed his resignation at the end of the season.

And Thidiela has now revealed it was because the 52-year-old felt he was not 'getting enough support from the management'.

"He said he was leaving, he said he is not getting enough support from the management," Thidiela said.

"I don't know [what support is he talking about]. You see when he left everything was good, we spoke very well as an employer and an employee, and even decided when are we coming back for pre-season... but once he got home he decided to write a letter saying no, he no longer wanted to come back.

"So you will never know. So I didn't have time to ask him where did we go wrong as a club. When he left, he left as a happy man. When he left everything was well, but once he got home instead of writing a letter saying I had a safe trip... after two weeks he writes a letter saying he's no longer coming back, he doesn't want to work with us anymore because he is not getting enough support... and that's a vague statement. He didn't explain.

"We will get a new coach, there are a lot of people looking for work. We've got a lot of CVs from top coaches. You know from Europe alone there are up to 25 applications... I just don't know why. People have applied yoh!"