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Dutch keeper departs Stellies

Stellenbosch have revealed that goalkeeper Boy de Jong has decided to part ways with the Premier Soccer League club.

The 25-year-old Dutch stopper joined Stellies on a one-year deal from Belgian side Anderlecht this season.

He made the decision to fly home to the Netherlands before Thursday's lockdown to be with his family during the Coronavirus crisis.

A club statement read: "We bid [Boy de Jong] farewell today after he has decided to return to the Netherlands amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to protect his family.

"We thank you for the incredible service to the club and all that you have contributed. We know decisions like these are tough to make but we stand behind you in putting your family first.

"Wishing you a safe journey back home and sending strength to you and your loved ones."

De Jong added: "It was a pleasure to be a part of SFC, I've made the choice now to go back home because of the [COVID-19] virus.

"There was a lockdown in Holland, so only this week there are flights going back and I had to make a choice on what I want to do - take the risk to stay in South Africa or go home with my family.

"To be honest, we are a little bit concerned about the virus. Don't take it [lightly]; don't take it for something easy, I think it's a terrible thing.

"So, we've made the choice to go back after I made an agreement with the club to end my contract early so that I can go home, and hopefully in the future I can find something else - maybe I can come back to South Africa, but first we have to kill the virus."