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Larsen: Our leaders will give us direction

Polokwane City boss Clinton Larsen says it will be different for each country if they are able resume league action this season.

The Belgian League have already crowned Club Brugge as champions as they signaled an end to their 2019/20 season.

Other European league sat they will consider playing games behind closed doors, so fans can watch on television.

Bayern Munich announced this week that they will resume training, in smaller groups with strict conditions.

Premier Soccer League teams will take guidance from the government as to when it might be safe to resume training and matches, with a 21-day lockdown period ending on April 16.

Speaking to the Sowetan, Larsen said: "We are waiting for our leaders to give us direction, which will happen very soon.

"When April 16 comes and the government makes an announcement based on the current situation, then we will have more direction. I mean we only have a few games to go and that could be played within a month.

"So the league will have to decided based on the news from the government if the situation is bad, they will make a decision and probably push the dates back and if the situation improves, I'm sure they will give us a date to start."

He added: "Each country is different, that's what people don't understand. The number of confirmed cases in each country is different and so are the number of deaths in each country."