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AmaZulu stand firm against age-cheating

AmaZulu have refuted a "bold lie" made by a user on Facebook that suggested caretaker coach Ayanda Dlamini was involved with age-cheating.

Mr. Msizi Msaxa Mthembu made the claim on the social media platform that Dlamini "wanted to turn him into an age cheat in order to join AmaZulu’s academy system".

Usuthu consequently launched an internal investigation and discovered Dlamini’s personal inbox did not correspond to the claims of Mr. Mthembu.

Part of the club statement read: "AmaZulu FC would like to use this opportunity to express it's views surrounding doctored birth certificates and age cheating.

"We would like to make it known that as a club, we do not support or condone such actions in any form.

"Dlamini, who broke into the PSL with Usuthu in the season of 2009/10, at the age of 25, says the claims made by Mthembu, come as a shock to him."

Dlamini said: "Sometimes youngsters inbox you and ask you all sorts of things but when it's a player interested in getting a chance, you try your best to offer the very best you can to advise them.

"Yet this guy seems to have made up a bold lie that is really against what AmaZulu and I personally stand for.

"I had to fight my way up from the rural playing fields and I couldn't do it without respecting the professional aspects of the institution of football."