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Kaizer Chiefs celebrate Africa Day

Kaizer Chiefs have marked Africa Day with messages of what it means to be African from Khama Billiat, Daniel Akpeyi, Lazarous Kambole, Akumu Agay and Eric Mathoho.

Formerly African Freedom Day and African Liberation Day, the 25th of May is celebrated in various countries around the world.

The occasion commemorates the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity on 25 May 1963, which has since transformed into the African Union.

Zimbabwean striker Billiat revealed what Africa Day means to him, on the club's official website: "Africa Day is when we celebrate our freedom, culture, and heritage as Africans.

"Being an African means a lot to me because I get to learn about different cultures. I also get to explore the beauty of our land and have a sense of belonging.

"I urge everyone to preserve and respect our African cultural values of Ubuntu for the sake of the next generation."

Nigerian goalkeeper Akpeyi said: "Being African is a blessing to me. Because Africa is a place where if carefully studied, has a lot to explore.

"From natural resources to diverse and beautiful cultures. Africans mostly live for each other; we fight for each other. When I picture these things, I feel blessed to be an African,."

Zambian forward Kambole added: "Being an African to me means being a fighter. I never give up even when things don’t go my way. I am a fighter for what is right and focus on the brighter future ahead. All these are borne out of being an African.

"Let us stay united as Africans and embrace the spirit of Ubuntu, because when we are united, we are stronger and can achieve more."

Agay, who is from Kenya said: "Every African who grows up in a society is likely to become infused with the culture of that society during the process of social interaction.

"Africa shares different cultures, and we share a lot insofar as our belief system goes. We have similar values that distinguish us from the rest of the world.

"As Africans we must love, respect, and embrace our different cultural ethnicities. We must live with peace and harmony despite our geographical existence."

While South African Mathoho concluded: "Since I turned professional as a football footballer, mingling, and interacting with fellow African brothers is a norm to me.

"At Chiefs, we experience the integration even more given the multitude of supporters we have from all the different nations. We have raised our voice against xenophobic tendencies and continue to preach through our slogan, the message of togetherness and Love & Peace.”

"I am proud to be African. The spirit of Ubuntu and our different heritages makes us unique from the rest of the world. We are a beautiful and diverse continent and we must continue to live in peace and harmony as one."