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Baroka building hope for the future

Baroka chairman Khurishi Mphahlele says he's investing in football facilities in Lebowakgomo to create an environment that the local community can call their own.

A 'football Village' is currently under construction, close to Polokwane in the Limpopo province, where club operations are currently located.

Speaking to FARPost, Mphahlele explained he wants to leave a lasting legacy in the area by upgrading the facilities.

He said: "My vision is to see this place in particular this area (Lebowakgomo) having something to be proud of, so I am doing this for my people, I am not doing it for myself.

"So I want the children of this municipality, Ga-Mphahlele and children of Limpopo having a decent ground to play football and to be able to compete with the rest of the world.

"When you grew up in a struggle you always find a way to survive, as you know we don’t have a strong municipality here so that prompted me to come with this project because we don’t have anywhere to run to. Maybe if our municipality was strong this vision would not have come because we would be relying on the municipality to provide this kind of service so the lack of service has pushed me to do what I am doing now."

Mphahlele added: "What I want to achieve has nothing to do with my colleagues because they are also doing their best on the other side as well. I am not competing with other provincial teams but I compete with all the other PSL teams only for trophies."