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Daniels can't wait to do what he loves again

SuperSport United defender Clayton Daniels is eager to get back to the football pitch but also warned that people shouldn't drop their guard in the battle against COVID-19.

The PSL league campaign was brought to a halt in March as South Africa entered lockdown to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, but teams have been given the go-ahead by Government to start training again.

Daniels can't wait to get back to the game he loves and earn his living once again.

"I'm excited to hear that we can go back to training but we are still waiting for the go-ahead," Daniels said, as quoted by Sowetan Live.

"This is the thing we love to do. This is our passion, our job, you don't want to get paid for not doing your job. You want to earn your money rightfully and yeah, we can't wait to get back to do the right things and do what we love.

"But at the same time, we also have to be aware of the virus and all those things. We still need to be careful in a certain way."

"We as sports people, we always think we are superhuman because we are fit and we are training," Daniels continued. "This [the recent positive tests among PSL players] is a sign that it can happen to anyone.

"It doesn't mean we as sports people are immune, it can happen to anyone.

"We must not relax and say things are okay. We can't go around and do our normal things like we have been doing before. This is a warning that we can also get infected. We must just try to stay safe. We still have to apply the rules and regulations."