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Mashaba: Championship not a second-class citizen

Noel Mashaba says he wants the GladAfrica Championship to develop its own identity and become a 'unique' league in its own right.

The GladAfrica Group Chairman unveiled the Championship trophy alongside Premier Soccer League Chairman Dr Irvin Khoza in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

As reported by FARPost, Mashaba explained that the league is a "getaway to the PSL" and as such is an important part of the local football structure", as represented by the prestigious trophy.

Mashaba said: "We wanted to show what GladAfrica is, what we see from the league, I don't discount the prestige of being promoted to the PSL, is quite valuable for the club and I understand that but what we want to see is the GladAfrica Championship being a unique league of its own.

"And for it to get its own identity and this is the first step of giving it its own identity, is not a second citizen to someone else.

"As much as there is a prestige to be at the PSL and GladAfrica Championship will remain as a getaway to the PSL but what we wanted to give the teams is something to look forward to and this is for the teams in the GladAfrica Championship."

Khoza is, meanwhile, delighted with the partnership between the PSL and GladAfrica.

He said: "We must thank GladAfrica for being part of our family. We know they are strong in engineering services and you can see that this new trophy is as a result of attention to detail. It is something to be proud of.

"This current season in the GladAfrica Championship has been very exciting and unpredictable and this has always been the strength of our League."