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Khoza: Anyone who compromises the bio-bubble is insulting the country

PSL chairman Irvin Khoza says they have done everything they possibly can to prepare for the resumption of the season and has urged everyone to respect the bio-safe environment (BSE).

The league will get underway again on August 11, after the Nedbank Cup semi-finals on Saturday, and all the PSL teams will be based in Gauteng in a "bio bubble" to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spreading amongst players and staff involved in football.

Khoza has hammered home the importance of compliance amid the coronavirus pandemic and warned that those who compromise the BSE are insulting the country as a whole.

"I think the magnitude and the demand for compliance is heavy to most of the teams‚" Khoza said, as quoted by Times Live.

"We've had the Board of Governors [32 PSL teams] in our meetings six or seven times emphasising one important thing: compliance‚ compliance‚ compliance.

"But what was key in that compliance was to observe the issues of health. Because unfortunately we are dealing with a health situation and nobody can figure out how it affects us in a way‚ or two‚ or three‚ or four‚ that we can plan for - it's a moving target.

"So therefore we have done everything humanly possible. And that is why we are the only industry in this country that‚ when we go back to work‚ we have gone for all this necessary testing.

"We have planned for this. If anything happens beyond what we have planned for we will have to take the consequences.

"But if it's within the plan that has been workshopped all this time‚ with all the compliance officers of the clubs‚ with the Board of Governors‚ we have done our best.

"And that is why when we applied for the restart the Health Department admired our plan‚ which is unique.

"It helps in the mitigation of the risks that we now know. Those that we don't know we cannot plan for.

"But we are hoping that nothing happens‚ that we play the games to the finish. Obviously if there is any force majeure [unforeseeable circumstances preventing someone fulfilling a contract]‚ we have to take that up at that point in time.

"But the most important thing that we emphasised to the clubs was: compliance‚ compliance‚ compliance.

"Nobody must compromise the BSE. Because that is our starting point.

"If you are in the BSE‚ you go to training‚ or to the match situation. Any other diversion‚ you're compromising the BSE.

"If somebody does that it's an insult to the whole country."